About AlphaBaby

My kids love to play with the computer. Unfortunately, they also have the habit of renaming my hard drive to "axlfkaj". So, I wrote AlphaBaby so they could safely use the Mac without inflicting too much damage! AlphaBaby lets even infants and toddlers have fun playing with the computer. Every time a key is pressed or the mouse is clicked, a letter or shape is drawn. Sounds can be played every time something is drawn. Your own sounds and pictures can also be used. AlphaBaby helps kids to learn letters, plus provides a safe environment for kids to have fun "typing" on the keyboard! Both an application and screen saver version of AlphaBaby are provided.

AlphaBaby for Mac now available on the Mac App Store

You can purchase the newest version of AlphaBaby at Mac App Store. I will be keeping this page around with older versions of AlphaBaby, but all new features will be only added to the Mac App Store version. A major update to AlphaBaby was released in May 2012, adding great new features, plus the ability to lock ALL keys on the keyboard, even volume and brightness! Check out the new version of AlphaBaby today!

AlphaTalk - The next generation of AlphaBaby for iOS!

If you've ever wanted a portable version of AlphaBaby, check out AlphaTalk, a new, expanded version of AlphaBaby. It is available for download from the AppStore. You can record your own voice, import your own pictures, create quizzes, and show shapes, letters, and words! Shapes bounce around the screen with a flick of your finger. It's a lot of fun, and available for just 99 cents at the Apple Store!

Little Potato Software

AlphaBaby is now a product of Little Potato Software. Check out our new web site for info and support for all of our products, including Alphababy for MacOS, AlphaBaby for iOS, and BabyProof for MacOS. BabyProof is a great companion product to AlphaBaby. It transparently locks your screen, allowing background apps such as video conferencing or movie players to run, while preventing any mouse or key access from disrupting the running app.

What's New

Version 1.8 contains some small fixes and additions, including adding a trapezoid shape, changing name of diamond to rhombus, fixing the pronunciation of the letter "y" on Leopard, and fixing the pronunciation of "square". AlphaBaby now supports loading CAF audio files.

Version 1.71 fixes the screensaver for Snow Leopard. It also continues to run on Leopard. Some small other bug fixes, mostly related to font handling.

Version 1.7 fixes the problem where Expose and Spaces could still be activiated while running AlphaBaby. It also adds a few new modes and customization features. Version 1.7 continues to be a Leopard-only Universal Binary.

Version 1.6 is a Leopard-only release. It should address any Leopard compatibility issues. It will only run on Leopard (OS X 10.5 and up).

Download AlphaBaby

Download version 1.8 (November, 2009) LEOPARD AND SNOW LEOPARD ONLY Readme

Download version 1.51 (July, 2006) -- Good for pre-Leopard systems Readme

Note: If you are downloading from Netscape or Internet Explorer, and clicking on the Download link causes your screen to be filled with garbage, try control-clicking on the download link instead, and selecting "Save Link to Disk".

Source Code

Source code for the last publicly released version of AlphaBaby is available here.


Any questions, comments, or feature requests can be sent to:


I've really enjoyed the feedback I've received from users, and reading stories of how toddlers are using the program. Some users have even been nice enough to ask if there was a way to support AlphaBaby. I am no longer taking donations on the web site, but if you enjoy AlphaBaby, please leave a comment or rating on the Mac App Store. Thanks to everyone who has donated to AlphaBaby in the past! It's still going strong, and can be found on the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store.

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